In this series, my main focus is to transmit to viewers through my composites, the feelings triggered in a story based on ephemerality of life from eagerness to knowledge, to a possible self destruction.

It starts with the subject and her stories being spread around, followed by her under a book and letters floating over her head. Knowledge being acquired. Ideas being gathered and the subject feeling comfortable.

Time starts to play on the subject’s feelings. The famous ephemerality of life. There is a struggle: have she done enough in this life and the realisation that she has done, she can and she will.

Desire of being young appears along with bringing the time backwards. The urge of being within nature increases.

The world is going in the wrong direction and lives are being sadly affected by wars. Humanity is being driven to an unknown, to a dangerous place. Humanity is destroying themselves.

portrait of a woman sitting on chair throwing papers around
Sheltered-Patis Paton

Self portraiture of a woman expressing her inside out
Self portrait of a woman looking at the hidden world in waters of a park
Embracing the time_Patis Paton

the urge of being nature
A composite of a self portrait on earth being destroyed
Remembrance day_Patis Paton

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