Role Reversals

In this illustration series my main focus is to playfully stress how human beings interfere with normal nature by reversing the roles where animals take the position of the human beings with the exception of the last one where human beings want revenge.

The series started with the idea of reversal roles with the intent of revenge. The illustrations stress the impact of humans’ habits upon climate and animal welfare.

The series closes with an illustration that focus on the pivotal role that humans have upon treatment of diseases, though they are the ones causing imbalance first.

Illustration of a cow ready to read a slice of a human being
Illustration of a person in a cage hanging from a tree with 2 birds talking to each other

Illustration of a man in a position of a horse with a saddle in an horse riding arena
Illustration of two bees drinking honey while in a honeycomb above them underneath a tree's branch men is at work
An illustration of a parrot with a pirate on its shoulder near the sea.
Illustration of a dog walking his man

Illustration of a seagull throwing a slice of its food to a scavenger man
Illustration of a fish on a boat fishing a human being in a lake
Illustration of a bullfight where the bull is standing and giving a sweet to the fighter.
Illustration of a woman sitting on stairs in the cellar, beside a brush while a witch at the bottom, inside a cauldron

Illustration of a fox on top of a horse hunting human beings.
Illustration of a virus representing Covid-19 with two men at its surface causing harm to it.

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