The world in black and white illustrations

In this illustration series my main aim is to transmit the feelings that the images can incur to the viewer, using only monochromatic tones within the grayscale.

For this series, I had in mind how could I create stories with illustrations in black and white. I would have to be able to stress the main element by playing with the light to generate the necessary contrast and therefore guide the viewer to the main point of focus. The mood would have to be controlled by the tones of grey, black and white.

Illustration in black and white of a woman by the sea during sunset
Black and white illustration with a figure in black walking on a dark valley

black and white illustration depicting solitude. A woman sat on a table with fruits falling and an empty chair with a hat in front of her
Illustration of a man overlooking a misty landscape after passing by an arch
Illustration of a boat with ballerinas in water
Illustration of a foggy landscape with a tree and a bench with a teddy bear

Illustration of guitars as a couple representing the sound of silence
Illustration of a man in a gutter
Illustration of a black rose giving rise to a witch

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