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It is when you immerse into your feelings that you uncover the essence of life

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Patricia Paton

It is when you immerse into your feelings that you uncover the essence of life.
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I am a passionate about human behaviour and I am a soul seeker. Being born in a third world country, I experienced seeing lots of social inequality and this may have influenced my work. I am always in search for the truthful and deepest feelings. My lens, therefore, is the mirror of emotions and expressions, which then tell stories.

The ability to transmit to the viewer the feelings triggered in a story I depict is my utmost goal as an artist.

I am engulfed by the essence of real life but I do love the mystical, the surreal, the mystery of mind and life. Nature is part of me, I need it and I am in awe by its perfection and beauty, so I also capture it to show its magnificence from time to time.

My collection of work is a visual story book about real life or about the surreal. It involves colours blending, drawing/illustration or hand rendered painting into the composites.

I am based in East Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK

​​​​​​​Services I offer

Fine Art Prints

Commissions: Personalised fine art. Transform your concept into dazzling, timeless photographs for photo shoots, book covers and more.


Remove unwanted objects from an image

Digital compositing: adding images together

Color corrections

Adjust brightness, contrast and depth

Noise and blur reduction

Adjust curves and levels

Remove shadows and reflections

Contrast and light adjustments